Unterlassung & Schadensersatz Andrea L`Arronge & Jessica Reichenwallner

Email & Fax vom 29 Dezember 2019 an Andrea L`Arronge & Jessica Reichenwallner Mittäter im Fall Korruption Landratsamt Oberallgäu/Fam. Alfred Seehofer, Wirtschaftskriminalität, sowie Bildung einer schweren Bandenkriminalität

z.H:  Andrea L`Arronge & Jessica Reichenwallner

Dear omission debtor,

as part of Germany’s largest economic crime and association of serious gang crime, as well as the formation of a clan and attempted murder of our artist, pioneer, Doris Lordin Maya are analogous to trademark law in accordance with Section 19 of the Trademark Act and contractual claims for damages in accordance with Section 1004 (1) of the German Civil Code. §§ 823 ff. BGB for the still not submitted declaration of omission and commitment for them provisionally.  

Their fraud was published on our futureradio https://zukunftspatentamt.de/unterlassung-schadensersatz-andrea-larronge-jessica-reichenwallner/

With kindly regards, 

legal department
CEO & Founder
Direktorin, Doris Stöhr 
i.A : CEO Manuel Tübner
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– Claims for damages

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Ich bin Ihre Zukunftsbasis®, Ihre Vorreiterin, Ihr goldener Zeitsprung, Ihr Friedensvertrag, Doris Lordin Maya

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